My Charges

   11 plus: £15 per hour 

   KS3 (Y7-9): £15 per hour 

   KS4/GCSE Y10-11: £18 per hour 

✭   AS Level: £23 per hour 

   A Level: £23 per hour 

✭   University Level: £28 per hour 

INTERNET LESSONS: £3 per lesson off above prices

Lessons and Cancellations

✭   Internet lessons take place using Skype, a free app which can easily be downloaded from the internet. I share my screen with the student and they can see materials I put on my computer or write on a my screen whiteboard. I can also send homework over the internet. For help accessing this please contact me.                  

✭    Lessons take place at my house which is centrally situated about 15 minutes south of the city centre by car. It is also on the 50, 130, 150 and 197 bus routes and 5 minutes walk from Levenshulme Railway Station. For a map go to Contact Me . Not available during current school/college closures

✭    Lessons will not be charged for which a student cannot attend, provided I am given notice beforehand. If a student does not attend a lesson which has been booked without letting me know then I will charge the full rate for that lesson.

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