Recent Successes!

A from Charlton
A has been studying for an HNC in Electrical Engineering by distance learning for 5 years. I helped him with the Mathematics involved in the course over a number of years. He was recently awarded The HNC with Distinction from the university. (2020)

D from London
D was having difficulties with some topics in IGCSE Maths. I tutored him for several sessions by internet using Skype. He was able to overcome his difficulties and obtained a grade 6 which he needed to continue his studies at 6th Form College. (2019)

D from Wythenshaw
I tutored D after he had taken GCSE Maths twice and did not get the grade C he required to continue his studies. He has recently succeeded in getting grade C.  (2019)

G from Levenshulme
G had not done A Level Maths and needed to pass equivalent exams for the first year of her degree course in Chemistry at Manchester University. She studied as much as possible on her own, but came to me for help with some difficult topics. She recently got a First in these exams. (2019)

N from Rusholme
I tutored N for Maths exams associated with his first year Economics degree course at Manchester University and he has recently achieved the required pass mark. (2019)

D from Longsight
I tutored D for the entry exams to several grammar schools in the Manchester area and she was recently offered a place at Stoclport Grammar School (2018)
N from Reddish
N has worked hard to pass her GCSE Maths exams, but could not achieve the grade 4 she required. I tutored her again for her recent resit exam and she has finally got the grade she wanted. (2018)

K from Worsley
I tutored K for his A Level Maths. He worked hard to gain the Grade C which he needed for entry to his university course in Quantity Surveying (2018)
Y from Ashton
I tutored Y for Maths exams in connection with his first year university Chemical Engineering course. He passed at the required grade. (2018)
L from Levenshulme
I tutored L for both a GCSE equivalent exam and for the QTS tests required for entry to a teacher training course. She passed both and is now doing her teacher training course. (2018)

J from Gorton
I tutored J for his GCSE Maths exam which he passed with Grade 7. He continues to study for his A Level Maths. (2018)

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